Unvented Hot Water Systems

Unvented hot water storage systems are an excellent and efficient solution compared to the traditional hot water cylinder. They can supply large volumes of hot water on demand and at mains pressure right across the house.
Pressurised Unvented systems are designed to give you high pressure flow rates but this is still governed by you’re incoming mains pressure and supply pipework which will vary from property to property. There are many ways in which Cozy can improve you’re pressure from moleing a larger diameter incoming main to installing a stored accumulator. Cozy Home Heating are approved Stuart Turner Installers and have extensive knowledge in their product to help provide customised solutions for any property.
Cozy Home Heating are accredited installers for many manufactures and have many years’ experience installing and maintaining unvented hot water systems so Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and we can come up with the best custom solution to suit you’re requirements.

Due to safety and regulations unvented systems should always be installed by an approved installer, this is vital as the hot water is held under pressure and regular maintenance is also recommended.

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